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Below, we answer the most common questions that our customers ask us.

Canvas Print products and options
your photos on Canvas
ordering and shipping your photo on canvas

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, but if you are unhappy with your artwork when you receive it, you have 30 days to let us know, and we will give you a full refund.


Taking care of a refund is easy - just click on the refund link here. From there you will print a brief form and mail us back just a portion of the artwork for which you would like the refund.

There's a reason why da Vinci chose oil paint for the Mona Lisa - the same reason our primary school teachers made us use watercolor instead of oil paint - because oil paint is permanent. Our printers use solvent-based ink, because, just like oil paint, it stands up to moisture and resists fading. The other guys use a water-based ink, just like your inkjet printer, that bleeds when moist.

The tradition of painting on canvas began back in the 15th century in what is present-day Italy. Oil painting, as you can imagine, is tedious work and labor intensive. Printing on canvas started in the later part of the 20th century. This process allows you to reproduce any image that you would like to use onto canvas with a method that is far less tedious than hand painting.


Today, we use ultra-precise machines that can print at very high resolutions onto canvas material. The ink we use is different than that of most of our competitors, who typically use water-based ink. We use inks that are permanent, durable and highly resistant to fading. The canvas we use is archival-quality made by the same folks that supply most oil painting artists around the world. For more info on the ingredients that go into our artwork, please click here.

We sincerely want you to have your artwork exactly as you would like. So, we let you choose what you would like on the border (edge) of your gallery wrap artwork. The main choices are using an image wrap or selecting a solid color. You can see more info and pictures by clicking here.


An image wrap border is very popular and uses a portion of your image to wrap around the side of the frame. The only concern here is to make sure that an important portion of your image does not wrap around the side of the frame. You will be able to see this pretty well with the preview image of your canvas on our order page.


The next most popular choice is a solid black border, which is sometimes referred to as museum style. Your options don't stop there - you can select from any custom color you would like.


If you would like to select a color that is close to a specific paint color, you can use this link here. The site will give you a number like 9C4444 that you can use to match in our color picker.

Of course! We want you to be 100% happy with your canvas artwork when you receive it, so we can send you a digital proof before our craftsmen get started producing your order.


When you request a proof on the order page, our graphics professionals will take a look at your image, apply an image effect if you requested one, do any minor touch-up if needed, and send you a digital proof. You will receive your proof in an email and you can access the proof from the Order Status page of the My Account section of our website. When you place your order, you can provide our graphics folks with instructions if you have a particular request - like fixing red eye.


Also, requesting a proof is a great way to try out one of our professional image effects without committing to it.

To make it easy for you, we don't want to limit you to just digital images that you have. We can accept your photos in traditional format by mailing them to us. For detailed instructions on how and where to mail the photo, please click here.


When we receive your photo, we will scan it at a very high resolution and send the original back to you. We can scan up to a 12" x 18" picture. We will send the photo back to you at our cost.


The only caution is that the mail system is not perfect, and they can lose or damage shipments from time to time. So, if this is a priceless photo, it may be best to take it to a local print shop like a FedEx Kinko's for them to scan into a digital format.

To make it easy, when you upload your image, we present you with the landscape sizes or portrait sizes based on the orientation of your image. However, you can select any size you would like your photo to be printed on.


Keep in mind, though, that if your image is a portrait orientation, for example, (your image's height is greater than its width) more of your image will be cropped off if you choose a landscape size for your canvas (versus a portrait). Our preview image on our order page will show you approximately how much of your image you will lose so that you can make sure that no important parts are cut off.

We take all of the popular image formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIF. If you have another format that you would like to use, you can email it to us, we can convert it to one of the above image types, and we will send it back to you so that you can then send your order in.

Of course we will! As always, we want to make sure you are happy with your canvas artwork.


For no charge we can fix red eye, get rid of blemishes, do a little color correction as well as other minor touch-ups. We will recommend touch-ups if we see that one is warranted, and you can request a touch-up in the 'instructions for us' section of the order page.


For major touch-ups like removing a person (it is possible), teeth whitening, or anything else, we will get back to you with a very reasonable price for fixing it.

We think it's great that you are sharing your artwork with friends.


At this point, we do not have a referral system in place that would let you earn credit or a referral fee, but we are working on one.

Yes, we can! At this time, we can only ship to the United States and Canada. For everyone else, we are working on it.

Of course! Giving a custom canvas makes a great gift for a friend or a loved one. On the checkout page, you can checkmark the box if this order is for a gift.


For gift orders we will include a classy note from you to the lucky giftee, and we will leave off the pricing information on the shipping ticket.

Very easily - when your order ships you will receive an email with a tracking link that you can click on to track your package. You can also find this tracking information in the My Account section of our website. Select the order and click on Order Status.


As an industry first, you can track your order in the production process with our Canvas Tracker - you can see when it goes from the artwork stage to printing to framing to packaging - so you can follow the birth of your artwork. This handy feature is also found in the My Account section of our website.

It's a common theme with CanvasHQ, we offer you a lot of choices. As expected, you can pay with any major credit card. We also accept PayPal payments and payments with electronic check. With electronic checks, you do not need a credit card to place an order.


All of our payment methods are secure - no person will ever have access to these numbers. You can click here to verify our SSL license - this ensures that all traffic from your computer to our website is secure and encrypted.

Unfortunately, shipping damage happens from time to time. No worries for you - we will make everything right when this happens - we insure every package that we ship. We will reproduce your artwork and reship it quickly at no additional cost to you.


If your package arrives damaged, please keep your box and the packaging material and contact one of our friendly customer support folks, and we will take it from there.

We have a no worries 100% satisfaction guarantee.


If you are not happy with your artwork, please let us know within 30 days of receiving your art. We will remake it or fully refund your money. If you are not 100% satisfied, please visit our returns page and contact one of our friendly customer service folks and he or she will get the process started.

Only if you live in the state of Arkansas.


Because we are based in Arkansas we only collect sales tax for those orders that are shipped to an address inside of the state.

Of course! We have worked with large companies and the government on larger artwork orders. CanvasHQ artwork is proudly on display around the country in offices, hotels, stores, and homes.


Please contact one of our friendly customer support folks (877 226 4793) for a quote on a larger order.


We also work with photographers who resell our canvas artwork. As a photographer we can set you up with an account in order to resell canvas prints to your clients at a profit. Contact us, and we can get you started quickly!

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