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canvas finishes

More choices for your artwork... We are the only supplier of canvas art that gives you a selection of canvas finishes.


Matte canvas offers an ultra low glare finish and is the best choice for high contrast images containing complex color combinations or very dark colors including black.
Matte is best for portraits containing people.


Semi-Gloss is a top pick among photographers and artists with the canvas surface being reflective enough to simulate an oil painting finish without creating a glare from ambient light. Semi-Gloss is best for high end rich colors.


Glossy canvas prints intensify the sense of depth by enhancing the tone characteristics of an image. Glossy is a great choice for art reproductions.


Iridescent canvas has a beautiful pearlescent luster finish that reflects the light captured by the camera lens that is often lost in print. Iridescent canvas allows water to glisten, city lights to glow and overall, brings your image to life.

Iridescent is a great choice for oceans, mountains and cityscapes, as well as reproductions of those old family photos tucked away in hat boxes.

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